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HKMark Photography

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Cambodia, 3 September 2001.Cambodia, 3 September 2001.Thank you for visiting my website. I am a photographer presently based in the United Kingdom. I have enjoyed photography for over thirty years with my roots in 35mm black & white. I began shooting with a second hand Pentax ME Super and went on to develop and print my own black & white images. Today I work entirely in the digital realm, mainly using Nikon camera systems.


For many years I preferred to concentrated on landscapes and travel photography. In the last five years, however, I have sought to expand my photographic skill set. I am now a member of the Royal Photographic Society, studying portraiture, product, macro and astrophotography with a view to seeking various distinctions.


While I have experimented quite extensively with high dynamic range photography, I prefer to avoid this methodology if I can achieve the same or better results using more conventional means. I am not a wedding photographer and have no desire to go in that direction.


I have lived in Hong Kong for most of my adult life and have travelled extensively, visiting every contient for various adventurous purposes carrying either a still or video camera.