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Posted 12/2/2017

Nothing much happening right now except that I am doing the dissertation for my masters, which is due in on 3 April. I may post a link to the questionnaire here, when it's ready.

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Posted 13/11/2016

I spent an interesting day yesterday attending the distinctions briefing of the Royal Photographic Society, learning about the various distinctions available and what I need to do in order to attain them. This would be an undertaking that would require me to consistently produce images at the level of my existing best work. It's a challenge I am looking forward to, though my masters must take priority until it is complete, as both undertakings will consume a great deal of time.

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Junko Tabei

Posted 22/10/2016

I was very sorry to read of the death of Junko Tabei, the first woman to summit Everest and to complete the Seven Summits. I was delighted to find her signature in the summit log at the top of Mount Vinson in Antarctica, when I climbed it in 2004 and then added my own name to that list. RIP to a mountaineering legend.

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Rim lighting

Posted 6/8/2016

I am spending the weekend at home putting together a photograph of a wine bottle and wine glass using rim lighting. This is a technique where the subject is lit from the side only. In this case I am using a single strobe and am then reflecting the light three times in order to get the desired effect. This is proving to be very tricky in this environment and I fully appreciate the need to have a studio space in order to do a proper job. I will post the result some time tomorrow.

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New studio gear arrived today

Posted 16/7/2016

Excited to have taken delivery of the latest batch of studio gear today. Everything looks better lit by soft boxes!

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