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I am now a member of the Royal Photographic Society and am working towards various distinctions. To this end, I must build both my skill set and my portfolio. While I have been interested in photography for decades, it has only been in the last six years that I have really sought to develop my photographic skills. I have recently upgraded to full frame, which has been quite a large investment, and am finding the task of increasing my knowledge quite enjoyable, though not always so easy.


I have until now worked almost entirely outdoors. I am now learning the necessary skills to work effectively in a studio environment and have gradually been gathering together the equipment that I will need. I am planning a photo shoot and aim to rent a photo studio in October. At this point, I am asking my prospective models to find photographs online that they would like to emulate and use Pinterest to save and share those images so that I can see what it is they are expecting, and so that I can then find out how to put the shots together. I am finding a great many useful examples online of sample images and diagrams of the lighting used to create them. Given the amount of iffy photography out there, I am taking my time and produce quality work. At this stage I would rather post nothing, than post images that are of poorer quality.


Right now I am using studio equipment to create still life shots. It is a good way to learn to create the right lighting conditions before moving on to working with people.